Parker Legacy Gas Generators

Replacement Parts & Elements available. If you need help replacing a legacy gas generator with an updated model please call 727-835-0649 to speak with a mdi sales representative.

Parker hydrogen gas generators available in a wide selection of models and configurations.
Parker nitrogen generators utilize proprietary selective permeation membrane and Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technologies.
Parker nitrogen generators for analytical instruments transform standard compressed air into high-purity nitrogen in a variety of flow rates to supply single or multiple instruments.
Parker zero air generators produce zero-grade air with less than 0.05 ppm hydrocarbon content, measured as methane, enabling a more stable baseline as compared to conventional sources of fuel air.

Also Available from mdi: Parker Transair Aluminum Pipe and Fittings for Compressed Air

Transair aluminum pipe is the ideal system for compressed air, vacuum, and inert gas applications. It offers significant savings on installation, maintenance and operating costs when compared to traditional compressed air piping systems. Its removable and interchangeable components allow users to easily modify production layouts or execute process changes within minutes. It's the only product with true push-to-connect fittings, eliminating the need to thread, solder or glue pipe. Its unique sealing technology guarantees Transair to be leak-free.