P3X Series Membrane Air Dryers

The Parker P3X Series membrane air dryers employ an advanced molecular membrane technology that dries the compressed air and lowers the pressure dewpoint (PDP). The compact space saving design offer the user uncomprimised performance from a dedicated "point-of-use" air dryer. It is easy to install and will transform an ordinary process into a highly reliable and efficient production operation - supplying clean, dry compressed air with dewpoints as low as -40°C (-40°F). The membrane material is formed into bundles of individual fibres retained in a cartridge.

Available in 6 sizes, with a compact space-saving design, these membrane air dryers are easy to install.

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Model(s): P3XJA14CA1N, P3XJA14CB1N, P3XJA14CC1N, P3XJA14CD1N, P3XJA14CE1N, P3XJA14CF1N

Water vapor escapes through the walls of the fibre to a sweep chamber from where it is continuously vented to atmosphere as a gas. A fraction of the dried air is routed through the sweep chamber to continuously purge and exhaust moisture vapor. The P3X series membrane dryers can be used for many years to dry air continuously. They instantly respond to any change in inlet conditions. The P3X dryers perform at temperatures between 2° and 60° C (ambient or inlet) and handle pressure from 5 bar to 16 bar. The inlet flow rate and pressure determine the outlet dew point suppression. In other words, membrane dryers deliver a constant level of drying protection that follow the rise or fall of the inlet dew point temperature.

Prefilters mounted immediately upstream of the membrane dryer keep out liquids and solids to allow an almost unlimited service life. Because water vapor passes right through the membrane material, it does not accumulate there, so membranes do not become saturated and never need to be regenerated. The P3X membrane dryers have no moving parts to wear out, they are non-electric and are suitable for hazardous application areas. They require no RF shielding or protection, they do not use refrigerant gas or potentially dusty desiccants. The P3X membrane dryer is based upon well proven principles which offer a simple cost effect alternative to refrigeration and desiccant dryers. Available in 6 sizes, the membrane dryer is compatible with the modular P3X air preparation series which can easily be connected to the P3X filters providing a clean dry air system at the point-of-use.

Features of Parker P3X Series Air Dryers:
• Removes water vapor " lowers the PDP
• Compact design
• No electrical connections necessary
• Suitable for hazardous environments
• No moving parts
• Maintenance " wear free
• No change in air consumption
• Low pressure drop less than 0.1 bar
• Minimal purge air consumption
• Modular design - compatible with the P3X air prep series
• No CFC's/FC's
• No Drying medium required
• Low operating costs

Sizing and Model Selection
See the Product Information Sheet to select the correct model for your application.

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BRAND Parker
FUNCTION Inline Membrane Dryer
BODY MATERIAL Polycarbonate
FLOW RATE (LPM) up to 2800
WEIGHT (KG) 3.3 to 4.2
WEIGHT (LB) 7.2 to 9.25

Dimensions in MM
P3X Dimensions

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