Parker BioGas MK Siloxane Removal System

The Parker PpTek BioGas ManualKleen Siloxane Removal System (BGMK) is a Bio-Chemical filtering system that is fitted in the fuel supply line of a BioGas to Energy plant decontaminating landfill and sewage gas of siloxanes and other VOC's.

Fitted in the main BioGas supply it can also be used to protect boilers used to heat water on Water Treatment sites.

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Model(s): BGMKC 50, BGMKC 150, BGMKC 300

Landfill and sewage gas used in the bioGas to energy industry is becoming increasingly contaminated with Siloxanes. The only permanent solution is to remove them before they reach the engine.

Fitted in the main BioGas supply it can also be used to filter siloxanes protecting boilers used to heat water on water treatment sites.

Using the same Parker PpTek patented media materials as the BioGas AutoKleen (BGAK) the unit is fitted with sufficient media to last approximately 3 months without the need for regeneration.

Features of Parker BioGas MK Series Air Dryers:
• low capital cost
• small size
• minimum maintenance
• can be used under pressure or suction
• onsite or offsite regeneration
• guaranteed media life of 7 years
• filter cassette regeneration ~ 3 month
• stainless steel construction
• Atex approved compliant (Zone 1)
• no engine warranty issues
• environmentally safe
• no filter medium disposal cost

Sizing and Model Selection

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BRAND Parker Hiross
PORT CONNECTION 4" or 6" PN16 Flanges
WEIGHT (KG) 250 - 650 Kg
WEIGHT (LBS) 551 - 1433 lbs
HEIGHT 1.1 to 1.3m / 3.6 to 4.3ft
WIDTH 0.8 to 2.0m / 2.5 to 6.6ft

See the Parker BioGas MK Series Product Brochure for dimensions and weight.

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